Workshops / Classes

Kevin offers a variety of Transformational & Spiritual Programs.

( In-Person & Virtual ) 

Kevin’s workshops are always amazing!
He explains difficult and new (metaphysical/spiritual) concepts in really simple and smart ways so you “get it.” 
You will totally enjoy his programs! [David G., Las Vegas, NV]


Kevin loves teaching Life Changing and Spiritual Topics that make huge impacts in his students. His programs are always engaging, intellectually stimulating, respectful of participant differences, fun and light-hearted. His programs most always have exercises built in as this is a great way to learn or practice something… by doing it in different ways. 

He has been teaching others for many years and is quite comfortable building workshops and courses that help the seeker to learn new things, to gain new perspectives and to put such into action during class. Their experiences prepare them to begin transforming their lives and reaching new goals.  

Don’t see a Topic your organization might enjoy? Just ask!



Motivational Themes – “Find You Silver Lining”
(i.e. Life Empowerment, Overcoming Obstacles, Learning Lessons and Spiritual Understanding)

  • Transformation through Self-Love, Forgiveness and Compassion [1-2 hrs]

Business Concepts for the Spiritually-Minded

  • Spiritual Business Development [2-3 hrs]
  • Social Media Mastery for Lightworkers [2-6 hrs]

Spiritual Teachings

  • Metaphysics and Spiritualism [1-2 hrs]
  • Metaphysics 101 [1-2hrs]
  • Paranormal Investigation 101 [1-2 hrs]
  • Numerology 101 [1-2 hrs]
  • Biblical Metaphysics (Psychic Phenomena in the Bible) [1-2 hrs]
  • Mediumship (Mental), All aspects [1-6 hrs]
  • Mediumship (Physical), All aspects [1-6 hrs]
  • The Home Development Circle [1-6 hrs]
  • The Séance Room Experience [1-6 hrs]
  • Meet Your Spirit Guides [1-2 hrs]
  • Psychic Unfoldment, All aspects [1-3 hrs]
  • Learn to Read Angel Oracle Cards [4 parts/12 hrs]
  • Healing, All aspects (General and Reiki) [1-2 hrs]
  • Healing, Spiritual [1-2 hrs]
  • Healing, Trance (Mediumistic) [1-3 hrs]
  • Precipitation Mediumship – History, Principles & Development Circle (1-3 hr PowerPoint presentation)
  • Precipitation Mediumship / Spirit Card Writing Circle (Development of) [ 1-2 hrs]

Church / Ministry [*Hours depend on Church Board Needs]

  • Church Administration 101
  • Growing your Church Garden (Membership and Guests)
  • Growing your Church from Ho-Hum to Hallelujah! (Marketing, Mission, Making Community Waves)
  • Rescuing your Dying Church


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