Audio – Red Light Card Writing Precipitation Seance


AUDIO FILE:  Historical “Red Light” Spirit Card Writing Precipitation Seance (1985)

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This seance recording, hosted by Rev. Francis Reed Brown (Founder of the United Metaphysical Churches) at the location of the Metaphysical Chapel of S. Florida (Ft Lauderdale FL) in 1985 is an INCREDIBLY RARE AUDIO FILE  and is likely the only one of its kind remaining which documents a RED LIGHT Spirit Card Writing Precipitation Seance.

This audio file was digitized from a double sided, magnetic cassette tape used to record this Red Light Precipitation Spirit Card Writing Seance.

A RED LIGHT Precipitation Spirit Card Writing Seance is one in which the medium places on a table top a spread line of blank white index cards (3″x5″). These cards are magnetized by everyone passing their hands over the cards initially. Lights are turned off for total darkness initially. Medium stays awake the whole time conversing with attendees AND you will hear his Spirit Guide (unknown name, high pitched female child guide) speaking to the group along with himself. OMMMs and Chants, songs and prayers are performed. At some point the medium is aware of need to begin introducing incredibly dim red light slowly. This is slowly increased as sensed necessary so as to not destroy the ectoplasmic energies being built up by Spirit in the initially darkened space. At some point, the medium will sense the cards are “almost here” and very quickly the attendees will gather around the table to witness the images and writings to PRECIPITATE out of the ethers onto the cards. Upwards of 25-30 cards could be produced this way with a powerfully developed medium. These images, writings and signatures on the cards were quite often highly evidential in nature! Much healing and uplifted spirits (of the human attendees) was witnessed.

Rev. Brown (who still resides in Roanoke, Virginia, USA) is an excellent evidential (platform) medium, an outstanding deep trance medium and a physical medium who has successfully incorporated trumpets and precipitation spirit card writing into his tool belt of abilities. His life long work as a medium is nothing short of spectacular, in my humble opinion. He began professionally demonstrating mediumship at the young age of 16 in Spiritualist churches across the USA with his parents.

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