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Kevin offers Personal & Business Spiritual Readings for his clients that draw from his natural, intuitive clairvoyance (clear seeing), his clairsentience (clear feeling), his clairaudience (clear hearing) and his mediumship skills of connecting with Personalities in the Spirit World around us.


Readings take place over the Phone (occasionally in person). 
* In-Person Sessions are ONLY for the person booking the reading; NOT family/friends along to support you. 
* He does not offer Video Calls (Skype, etc) as such is too distracting. 

                                 My session with Kevin was extremely rewarding.
                                        I have had a few readings over the years
                                         and Kevin’s was the best by far…spot on!
                                       Truly a gifted soul. 
(Moon Mistress, Florida)


$250 for a 50 minute Spiritual Reading
$125 for a 25 minute Spiritual Reading
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It is possible that life deals you with a challenging lesson suddenly. While I don’t invite such requests, I understand they are needed to restore sense of peace and balance to one’s life quickly. If you feel you simply cannot wait till the next opening in my schedule, I will consider each request on its merits after consulting with my Spirit Guides. If you are “Spiritually Approved” and I receive Permission to proceed, you will have to pay the Urgent Reading rate. This challenging process requires me to rearrange my own schedule last minute – often a difficult chore. I must respect my sabbath time and that of my family’s needs, so this is something I offer rarely. But in Service, nothing is impossible when Spirit is involved…

Bookings for SPIRITUAL ASSESSMENTS (of your Spiritual Gifts and Potentials):  

This type of reading is a wonderful way for clients to learn of their various Gifts of Spirit (as spoken of in 1. Corinthians 12:4-11, Bible). Through his intuitive and mediumistic abilities, Kevin is able to discern for you where you might consider starting to develop your Gifts, where to hold off for the present, and often future potentials of development you had not considered or known about. Spiritual Gifts (your natural intuitive abilities) run the gamut of Healing, Psychic abilities (discerning psychic energies in Universe), Mediumship (discerning Spirit Personalities/Souls), Channeled Philosophy/Inspirational Speaking… to name but a few of the many! This is a fun and fascinating half hour session – plenty of time to discover direction and purpose quickly for your life!


Do you feel stuck or indecisive? Are you anxious to move forward but not sure how?
Are you overworked, overwhelmed and out of fresh ideas?

Businesses of all types may consider having a Kevin spiritually assess their ideas, projects, persons and plans. A greater perspective will be shared as Kevin assesses the various levels within your business that are limiting your higher potentials and slowing goal completion. New ideas and directions for your stagnant business can easily be intuited for profound outcomes.

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Kevin’s Business Readings can provide:

  • Valuable insight into an old problem
  • What to anticipate in the coming year
  • Empowerment
  • Intuitive Business Development
  • Marketing and new directions for a business
  • Alternatives to situations that concern you
  • Confirm your own intuition about your personal or business decisions
  • Insights to help you become more focused on career opportunities
  • Addressing short and long term goals
  • Intuitive insight into legal issues

*READING CONSIDERATIONS – Spirit Personalities have Free Will just as you do. Kevin does not call up your loved ones and guides in Spirit “at will and on demand”. The vast majority of psychics and mediums who say they can… are potentially deceiving you. Who you desire to come through in a reading and answer questions is irrelevant. The Spirit Person that best blends with the mind and soul of the medium is the one who will come through with evidence and memories. Kevin tries his best to bring through your loved ones and friends in Spirit. He is only the vessel that shares such with you. He is not in charge of who communicates with you – your spiritual family are in charge.

Sessions with Kevin

Any sessions, workshops and classes with Rev. Lee are never intended to replace medical, legal, financial advice or professional advice but are supportive religious/spiritual elements in your free will decision-making processes. Rev. Lee’s spiritual practices and offerings are his constitutional  first amendment right to freedom of religious expression, especially in his spiritual counseling. 

REFUNDS:  Should fifteen (15) minutes pass and you do not feel Kevin is providing adequate spiritual evidence and information to justify continuing further, the responsibility is 100% yours to state such. Mutual agreement to cancel said reading is acceptable for a full refund.

Requests for refunds after 15 minutes or even after your whole reading is completed will not be approved. Your booking/purchasing of a spiritual reading is your Full Agreement to this policy and a Waiver of any Funds. Your purchase is your understanding and agreement to the fact that your payment is for Kevin’s Overall TIME and WORK ENERGY put forth – NOT for any Expected Results and Outcomes



Spiritual Business Assessment (Dr. Larry, Florida)

I was going through a very difficult time after a recent divorce that had caused me to lose all of my assets and most of my business revenue. I had some health issues that were no longer allowing me to practice my chiropractic work. I was trying to grow a business selling holistic products and I didn’t have much extra money for marketing. I felt I needed accurate advice from a psychic business consultant. As you can imagine, my anxiety and stress level over this was very high, and my health and mental state was suffering. I found Rev Lee online and it was a life changing event! He told me specific information that would help me to go in a direction in my business that I had never thought of before. This information came from a person that he was able to connect with on the other side. He also gave me specific dates of when things would happen, and he told me to wait patiently for a certain line of business to grow and increase in revenue. He gave me hope where there was none before! He also referred me to an expert internet marketer who is currently helping me to grow my business. 

Thank you Rev Lee for your mediumship and psychic skills to see events and put my business (and my emotional state) back on track in a positive direction! You are a life saver, and I feel your gifts are sent directly from God to help those that need spiritual guidance and have hope restored! I would highly recommend Rev Lee to anyone who is at a crossroads in their life or in need of psychic business consulting. His psychic “intuitive hits” add a dimension to business consulting that makes Rev Lee extremely accurate and insightful and for sure worth the money for his readings.


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