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“Basically, everything has an energy signature. At a sub-atomic level, everything is vibrating at its own rate. I have developed the ability to understand the language of energy and interpret it for you. Life is pure energy, and all is connected in some way. Your thoughts are what create your reality around you. By what you think about and how you perceive your reality that is what you will attract in your life.

Life doesn’t happen TO us. It happens BECAUSE of us and FOR us.

By feeling your energy, I am able to tell you what has happened, what is going on right now, and what is coming up for you based on the direction of where your thoughts are currently taking you. I seem to be quite accurate with people connected to you, experiences and upcoming events.

Utilizing the connection of Oneness, the matrix life force that connects us all, I am able to feel the energy’s direction for the client and the people they are connected to. A few examples of questions answered would be “What does my boss think of me?” or “What is my husband feeling about the relationship?”

A number of clients rely heavily upon the information that I receive from my Guides. And yet we all must practice Personal Responsibility for our choices, decisions and following actions. No decision should be made upon the advice of another but through one’s own personal review of all the options, choices and considerations. One must go within in meditation and sense “within” what Spirit is guiding them towards in life. A spiritual reading is only to provide you, the Client, with choices and considerations based upon ever changing future potentials for your path in life. YOU alone must choose which path you take. I will never tell you what choice to make or what to do. I am happy to provide you with what I sense and am being shown as the various future potentials and outcomes based upon those potentials should YOU alone choose one over another.

It’s really great when what information I have given out comes to pass, and the client learns to overcome their issues through said advice. Seeing a metamorphosis in character and a return to vitality and joy in life is so enriching to my spirit.

My clientele comes from varies backgrounds such as television, radio, national speaking agencies, universities, various religious centers of worship, and from the average person seeking guidance for pressing issues of concern. I hear consistent feedback from people I have seen validating that the information they received was accurate and/or came true.

It’s always my pleasure to be of service to anyone seeking true guidance.
I look forward to serving your Highest and Best, True Self, soon.

To schedule an appointment with Kevin, please go here to our booking page. Sessions are mainly over the Phone (not video conferencing) and are scheduled in EASTERN STANDARD TIME (New York City time). 

Each individual has their own unique energy signature, whether in person or over the phone. All I have to do is hear your voice or be given your name, and I can lock into your individual spiritual energy. My soul energies connect with your soul energies. If I am doing a mediumship reading, spirit personalities on the other side already knows who is on the other end of the phone, so they are able to instantly come through and give me your specific information and validations of how they are related and connect to you.

It does not matter if I am talking to you face to face or over the phone, once the connection is made, your energy signature sits before me. The people I have been fortunate enough to assist with phone sessions are now worldwide, which include the USA, Caribbean Islands, Canada, UK and parts of Europe. Their feedback is that I am just as accurate over the phone as in person. It is just a matter of your personal preference.

An open mind and just yourself. (The presence of non-clients in a session is highly distracting to the energetic work.) Your friends/family should wait outside in the car or at home. If you would like, also bring a recorder, paper and pen to write things down. I always want you to remember as much of the information that comes through for you in a session. You will often receive additional validations from Spirit after the session when you do your spiritual homework.

Yes, you can ask; HOWEVER, I have NO CONTROL over what souls step forward and come through. *I’d rather you not ask me about a particular soul until the very end of a reading so I have a chance to connect myself to the souls wishing to come forward. Your spirit person will likely be one of them. Spirits of our loved ones and friends have their own journey of life in those higher realms. They do have other spiritual endeavors to attend to like themselves, others in need, etc.

Can they be in two places at once? Yes, however they do tell us that our calling upon them distracts them from their own higher life. If they feel there is a need to be present to communicate through me to you, they will be present. Just because you feel you DESERVE to hear from them (which is only your ego mind), does not mean they “must” come at your beck and call. Such attitude is honestly disrespectful and should be avoided. Souls still have free will in their life journey.

Learn to be grateful for those spirits who step forward to speak and guide you. ALSO, not every Spirit will be comfortable or capable of speaking with me for you. Some Spirits are naturally drawn to certain vibrations of certain individuals here on earth. MAYBE I am not the correct medium to bring through for you THAT particular Spirit. I am okay with such reality. You should be too. If your desired Spirit Persons don’t come forward through me, it does not mean they are not around. It just means that they are either not present or are not energetically strong enough to get my attention. It’s always the strongest Spirits who push their way to the front of the energetic connection that get a message through any medium.

Yes! I have found that not only does the recording serve as an effective tool for receiving validations later on, but sometimes they (the Other Side) will literally leave a voice print or sound that may not have been recognized during the session. This phenomenon is a form of “electronic” physical mediumship, which I am developing. It is called EVP – electronic voice phenomena. I receive a number of validations from clients whom this has happened for whereby voices, etheric music and sounds appear in recording that were NOT present audibly in our private session.

I am the tool, the instrument, the vessel… the medium through which Spirit makes a contact with this physical realm of life. When you come for a private session, I like to use psychometry, which is the ability to hold an object and feel energy and information from it, whether it is past, present or future. To me, life is pure ENERGY. I feel your energy more clearly when I can touch a physical object of yours, although it is not necessary.

That they are more alive there than when they lived upon the earth plane! There is No Death; Life Continues On! Using my mediumship abilities, I attune myself to the higher realms and become aware of various personalities (souls) as they speak to me, show me pictures in my mind’s eye and make me feel the information they want to get across. Sometimes I also pick up smells and tastes as well as feel their energy in my body. What that means is that I will literally feel water, heat/cold, rose scent or whatever it is they are trying to make me physically sense.

Your friends and Loved Ones must communicate with me in a way that I can understand and interpret into words for you. Sometimes the information may not make sense at first, but after you do what I call your “spiritual homework”, you will usually be able to validate the information. They know what they want to convey, so I will always stay true to them and pass the information along as I receive it.

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