Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach, Medium

Rev. Kevin Lee

“Changing Minds. Changing Lives.”

Well-known for his metaphysical teachings on “inner transformation,” Kevin is a compassionate and inspiring speaker who often shares the principles of “How to Live,” meaning how to connect easily with the Divinity within through prayer, meditation, gratitude, love, including envisioning desired results as being fulfilled. These universal principles remind us to bring our awakened minds and our inner peace along for the walk through daily life. 

As a Certified Spiritual Medium with over 15 years experience in “all things” Metaphysics, Kevin has not only dedicated himself to serving his many students in their unfoldment of their own natural intuitive and mediumistic abilities, but to serving Divine Spirit (God), while educating the public on the Golden Message from the Spirit World – “There is No Death; Life Continues On.”

Having traveled internationally to witness the rarest of Physical Mediumship séances, Kevin is more aware now of the need for more compassion especially for ourselves. We are our harshest judge. A compassionate nurse by profession, Kevin has always been drawn to the spiritual essence of each person he meets.

Kevin served for over 13 years as the Senior Minister and Director of the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida in Ft Lauderdale. Today, he offers private and group readings, leads lectures, seminars and private séances to “spiritually” educate the next generation of spiritually-curious Muggles (non-magic folk from the Harry Potter series), Mediums, Psychics and Healers.


Kevin was Ordained in Oct. 2013 as a Metaphysical Minister with the United Metaphysical Churches (UMC), having completed a 4 year seminary tract. He is also a Certified Spiritual Medium with UMC; has trained at the Inner Spiritual Center (New Jersey) completing their 2 year International Mediumship program taught by Mediums Bill Coller/Sharon Siubis/Richard Schoeller; has studied with James Van Praagh through a series of Mediumship programs; trained in Clairvoyance with Debra Katz (Author); trained many times at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic and Mediumistic studies (England); and is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. He is also very well versed in the protocols of Séances, Physical Mediumship and Trance-Healing arts.

Kevin was born with the Rare Ability to hand write letters; a lost art nowadays!


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