Public Speaking

*Rev. Lee is available to speak to your group:


  • Spiritual Centers of Worship
  • Business Groups
  • Conferences
  • Expos
  • Nonprofits
  • Small Private Groups/Gatherings in Homes

Rev. Lee is ready to serve your speaking needs while making sure the experience meets your requirements based upon theology, philosophy and event theme.


Speaker Topics Available:


  • Spiritual Business Development
  • Metaphysics and Spiritualism
  • Metaphysics 101
  • Biblical Metaphysics (Psychic Phenomena in the Bible)
  • Mediumship (Mental), All aspects
  • Mediumship (Physical), All aspects
  • The SĂ©ance Room Experience
  • Psychic Unfoldment, All aspects
  • Healing, All aspects (General and Reiki)
  • Healing, Spiritual
  • Healing, Trance (Mediumistic)
  • Precipitation Mediumship and Spirit Writing Phenomena (1-2 hr Powerpoint Presentation)
  • Precipitation Mediumship / Spirit Card Writing- Development of
  • Church Administration 101
  • Growing your Church Garden (Membership and Guests)
  • Growing your Church from Ho-Hum to Hallelujah! (Marketing, Mission, Making Community Waves)
  • Rescuing your Dying Church