House/Office Cleansings

Love Makes a House a Home…


My clients often request a House or Office Blessing prior to moving into a new space
to set the intention of the space with the presence of Universal/Spiritual Energies and Spiritual Protection
while infusing the location in the Light of Divine Creator…
that vibration is Pure Love!


“Where there is Light, Darkness cannot exist by definition.”


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House/Office Blessings


These are perfect opportunities to celebrate and honor the arrival of a baby, a pet or even a new addition to the house structure itself. Cleansing prayers are also included to set a divine foundation upon which your family can build its future in the new home.

House/Office Cleansings


Some clients reside in properties that are energetically stagnant, vibrationally depressed or possibly even spiritually chaotic and reactive to the occupants. In these situations, Rev. Lee often suggests a therapeutic House Cleansing Ceremony. During the process, he centers his Being in the knowing of himself as “God in Expression” while emanating white and golden living light into all rooms. Prayers, incense and candles add beautiful intentions for lifting the vibrations upwards while God’s Healing and Purifying Light pours into the home.

Nature Spaces and Whole Buildings


These may also be in need of spiritual attention and are welcomed.